Akhir 2 Bait

Takkan ku biarkan kasih menyaringkan jiwa

Merubrik asa menjalin aroma kepalsuan senja

Biarkan engkau pergi dan enyah abadi

Gerbang hati tak terlihat olehnya


Dan pintu diri akan memanggil cinta lain

Menyentuhnya.. Membukanya..

‘Kan menetap di lembah hangatnya

Ya, cinta lain bersiaga dalam ruang hati





  1. Reblogged this on ASIAJAR and commented:

    I have the greatest friend on earth
    Sisters by god but not by birth
    I owe her a lot for all she has done for me
    Without her in my life I am not sure where I’d be
    We will be best friends forever until we die
    We have certain jokes that no one would understand but her and I
    Together we share our life story
    We look for good in others glory
    She is amazing every single day
    I admire and look up to her in every way
    She understands me and I don’t have to explain
    She brings her sunshine to the rain
    Someone sent by god to do great things
    One of heaven’s angels with no visible wings
    If you ever meet Amanda then you will see
    Why she is the definition of the greatest friend to me.
    Amanda, thanks for always being there for me
    You have shown me just how best friends should be!

    Source: An Angel For A Friend, An Angel Named Amanda, Inspirational Friend Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/an-angel-for-a-friend#ixzz2JXSN8UuN

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